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  • Current President Says Goodbye

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    Change is Good!
    The seasons change, our children grow up, new officials are elected to govern...change is inevitable. If you ask most people if they like change many will say, "no". I think that is because most of us get comfortable and accustomed to a routine, an individual, a location and we just don't want to adjust to something new because it may require a little more effort on our part. Some people actually fear change. However, I would like you to consider that change is GOOD!

    Consider if things did not change. Many of us love our state with its four beautiful and distinct seasons. We would never wish that our children would not grow up, and as they grow they change. I've just experienced the last of my children graduating from high school and moving off to Montana to go to college (it had nothing to do with the fact that her boyfriend selected Montana, right?!)

    I have had a wonderful and full five years serving as your Pewaukee Chamber of Commerce President and it has been my favorite job because of the opportunity to work along side all of you amazing individuals, entrepreneurs, and community and business leaders! You have so greatly enriched my life!  

    I am a transplanted Texan, but have made my home in Wisconsin for almost 30 years, now. With my parents in their late 80's its time for me to make the move back to Texas, with one potential detour to China. Over the last year I have completed an advanced certification to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) and I am currently pursuing opportunities to teach in China for two years. I am excited about these changes. What a wonderful opportunity to give the gift of communication.
    I am so very proud of the Pewaukee Chamber of Commerce. It has truly been a labor of love (and a lot of long, long hours of work). But new leadership provides a new opportunity for even greater growth, innovation and partnerships and I know you will support him/her as you have supported me these last five years. Embrace the change; change is GOOD!
    Nancy Waters, President
    Pewaukee Chamber of Commerce
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