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    About Us

    TLX Technologies was founded in 1996 to bring to market several patented, high-speed digital valves for controlling the force of a vehicle air bag inflation event during a crash. In the years that followed, TLX went on to strategically cultivate other opportunities utilizing these patented solenoid features. Currently, TLX is producing custom solenoid and valve components for a variety of markets that include automotive, industrial, fire protection and off-highway.

    TLX’s strength is in the unique features that are engineered into each custom solenoid component manufactured by TLX and in the customer-focused manufacturing which provides customers with options to meet their production and application requirements.


    Low-Profile Latching Solenoid Lock
    Supervised Latching Actuator with Pin State Monitoring
    Latching Diaphragm Solenoid Valve
    Coolant Control Valve
    Digital High-Speed Control Valves