• Testimonials

  • Businesses in the Pewaukee area are reaping the benefits of chamber membership. But don’t take our word for it. See for yourself what these members are saying about chamber membership.



  • Zack_headshot.jpg
  • Zack Zupke
    Pewaukee School District

    Our children and young adults are the future of our community. Fortunately, for Pewaukee School District, the Chamber embraces the importance of being involved with our schools, displaying tremendous participation in our Reality Store, career events, business education class projects and Junior Achievement events. In addition, businesses have invited students and staff for tours and special events and we have even had many hire our students. I cannot say “thank you” enough to all of the Pewaukee Chamber businesses and President Nancy Waters for recognizing the importance of passing on your experience, wisdom and knowledge to the next-generation workforce and tomorrow's entrepreneurs.


  • WendyAndersonBethAnderson.jpg
  • Wendy Anderson & Beth Anderson Chiaverotti
    Treat Street Popcorn

    The Chamber keeps us connected to so many great businesses and facilitates everyone's efforts to promote their products and services.


  • Jeff Quirk
  • Jeff Quirk
    Karate America Pewaukee

    I opened my most recent Karate America location in Pewaukee in June 2016.  One of the best moves I made was joining the Pewaukee Chamber!  Nancy's energy and commitment to helping me connect with other business owners has been fantastic.


  • KenSkarie.jpg
  • Ken Skarie
    Signarama Pewaukee

    The two primary benefits of joining the Pewaukee Chamber are the ability to easily introduce your company's capabilities at Chamber meetings and the large number of other local business people you meet at the numerous Chamber events. Both of these advantages allow other businesses to quickly know who you are, what you do, and how you might be able to help them. You can become part of the local business community very quickly.


  • Amish-7_(2).png
  • Laura Armstrong-Goss
    Amish Craftsmen Guild II

    Amish Craftsmen Guild II joined the Pewaukee Chamber of Commerce in the  Summer of 2015. We were a part of the Summer Farmer’s Market in Pewaukee. Through the years I have been a member and somewhat involved with several different Chambers of Commerce. Although all have had benefits, I have never been involved in one that has so many opportunities for growth and education as the Pewaukee Chamber which Nancy Waters guides as Executive Director. It is truly remarkable the number of classes and opportunities offered. She makes it easy to be a part of the organization and is unusually warm, welcoming and inclusive. One needs only to be with her a short period of time before her genuine, caring and committed essence is apparent and seemingly contagious. Nancy herself is a refreshing and joyful soul.

    What she creates, encourages and provides opportunities for is very valuable for one’s business and person.

    What a gem! Thank you Nancy for what you have created and what you exude and offer!


  • SkyZone.jpg
  • Barbie Gonzales

    The Pewaukee Chamber has been great for our business. The Pewaukee Chamber has a lot of options to get out and interact with other members, as well as, the community. It is a great way to promote our business in a very positive manner.


  • Lake-Country-Travel.jpg
  • Jim Wilde
    Lake Country Travel

    The Pewaukee Chamber has enabled us to broaden our horizons within the community and further build trust in our small business.  Over the years as a member, we have been able to grow by the continued support and benefits in with the Chamber provides.


  • Chiropractic-Wellness.jpg
  • Dr. Tad Diciaula
    Chiropractic and Wellness

    We have been members of the Chamber since opening our business in 2007. Through the Chamber we had the opportunity to meet a lot of great people and make several long term connections. The Chamber has always been very kind to us, showed us great support, and has promoted us in several ways. We have shown a lot of growth and success over the last 10 years and we thank the Chamber for being a part of the process.


  • LifeStriders.jpg
  • Chrystal Schipper

    LifeStriders has been thrilled with the Pewaukee Chamber and all that they have done for promoting this non-profit organization. The Pewaukee Chamber and President Nancy Waters are diligent to ensure businesses greatly benefit as members through many networking experiences and local publicity opportunities. They are a valuable resource for Pewaukee and surrounding areas. LifeStriders highly recommends the Pewaukee Chamber to any local business.


  • Trish-Landgraf-Headshot.jpg
  • Dr. Patricia Landgraf
    Landgraf Chiropractic

    Getting involved in the Pewaukee Chamber of Commerce has been a very good experience. The people at the Pewaukee Farmers Market are so friendly and nice to be with; it’s such a pleasant way to market my business. The people that I meet through the market--who are growing my business base-- are incredibly friendly and relaxed. It’s a great venue for doing that in. Each vendor is here with a common goal: to grow our businesses and do really good work for the community. We all have a common mindset. I’m very appreciative of the people at the Pewaukee Chamber of Commerce who help us grow our businesses in this way.